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about verthandi

name : verthandi x. fishwhistler
alias : ver-chan, sensei, aneki, meimei, meeshellay, kodachi
birthday : 1978 august 29
age : 22
nationality : american
heritage : scottish, dutch, irish, cherokee

hair color : dark blonde
eye color : grayish green
height : 166 cm
shoe size : 24.5
eyesight : -1.25 -0.25

sign : virgo
year of the : horse
seishuku : nuriko
bloodtype : b
myers-brigg : infj
enneagram : 4

high school : marist school, atlanta
university : emory university, atlanta
major : creative writing and art history. you want fries with that?

hobbies : cooking, volleyball, fencing, reading
interests : japanese animation, art history, cartomancy
collects : maneki-neko
dislikes : arrogance, poor grammar, monkeys
fears : heights, airplanes, cockroaches
talisman : a heart-shaped pendant
dream : to publish a shoujo manga magazine in america

image color : violet
image flower : gardenia
image stone : carnelian
image rune : hagalaz
image card : the hanged man

fave food : thai curry, chocolate
least fave food : sea urchin, nattou
fave perfume : elixir [clinique]
fave movie : blade runner: the director's cut
fave song : fiona apple, "across the universe"
fave show : inu yasha, card captor sakura
fave video game : final fantasy ix, dead or alive 2
fave anime : sh˘jo kakumei utena
fave manga : e's, inu yasha, x, hana ni nare
fave chara : himemiya anthy
fave seiyuu : ogata megumi, takayama minami
fave op : rinbu - revolution (sh˘jo kakumei utena)
fave ed : cyborg mermaid (gunnm)

things i've wanted because of anime:
a theme song, the ability to switch gender, customized background music, long purple hair, wings, gloves, goggles, boots, a uniform, a gundam, a fuchikoma, a totoro, a sword that emerges from the palm of my hand, a large hammer, a little brother, the voice of ogata megumi, ogata megumi, magic jewelry, the powers of a goddess, cat ears and a tail, a welsh corgi, a bionic arm...

special notes:
allergic to all metals but silver
theoretically trilingual
occasionally clairvoyant


about verthandi