Lines in parentheses indicates thought, as opposed to spoken dialogue. Bracketed lines are the translator's notes.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena 4
[Current status: finished through p.116]
Translation v0.1 Cyborg Mermaid, 1999

Inside Cover:
A Message from the Author
Lately, there have been many fans who send me fan letters with photos of themselves disguised as Utena and Anthy -- "cos-play" so to speak. These "cos-players" look really sharp. I enjoy looking at so many stylish beauties, especially the ones who play Utena! <3 Of course, I only look. I'd never do it myself! (Just imagining it is dreadful...)

*Ciao, Flower Comics*
Shoujo Kakumei Utena 4
[Revolutionary Girl Utena 4]
Saitou Chiho
original concept/Be-Papas

Shoujo Kakumei Utena 4
Character Introduction
[from right to left]
Tenjou Utena
Himemiya Anthy
Kiryuu Touga
Ohtori Akio
Our Story So Far:
When Tenjou Utena lost her parents at an early age, a chance encounter with a mysterious young man restored her courage. Since then, Utena has called him her "Prince" and continued to think of him.
With her Prince's letters as her only clue, Utena transferred to Ohtori Academy so that she could meet him. However, Ohtori is a strange school, where those guided by the enigma known as "The End of the World" play a neverending Duel Game.
The Victor of these Duels, along with Anthy, the "Rose Bride," will wield the Sword of Dios, which holds the power to revolutionize the world.
Utena, the Final Victor of the Duels, lives with Anthy, the Rose Bride. Therefore, in order to approach the Power of Dios, Student Council President Touga declared that he would become Utena's servant.
As such, Anthy's older brother, Ohtori Akio, the Dean of Ohtori Academy, also has an opportunity to draw closer to Utena. In truth, he is "The Ends of the World," and Utena, unaware of his true character, has been dazzled by him...

Akio: (Without fail, Tenjou Utena is playing right into my hands.)
Akio: (That is the will of "The End of the World.")
Akio: (Namely, MY will.)

Akio: Anthy, you will aid me as always, won't you?
Anthy: Yes, my dear brother.
Anthy: Anything you desire...

Utena: Nnnm.
Touga: Tenjou! Wake up!
Touga: If you don't get up, I'll come drag you out of bed!
Anthy: Touga-sempai, I'll awaken Utena-sama.
Touga: She gets up on the wrong side of the bed, but awakening her is still my duty.
Anthy: Sempai, shouldn't the Student Council President be preparing for the morning assembly?
Anthy: Please, leave it to me. I am the Rose Bride.
Chu-Chu: Chu.

Utena: Di...os...
Utena: Eh?
Utena: What
Utena: ....
Utena: No one's here.

Utena: Shit.
Utena: I'm perfectly late.
Akio: Morning.
Akio: Anthy sent me for Utena-sama, so I've come to meet her.
Utena: (Ohtori Akio-san!)
Akio: Please, allow me.

*ding dong ding*
Sensei: Now see here! Hurry! You'll be tardy!
Sensei: Eh?
Sensei: Tenjou Utena!

Akio: Sorry for the inconvenience, sensei.
Sensei: The...Dean?
Utena: Whoa..weren't you told to take me to school...?
Akio: Let's go for a drive. As long as my luck holds out, she won't be able to complain.
Akio: After all, now that I'm the Dean of Ohtori Academy, I make the rules.
Utena: (Anthy's older brother -- Akio-san.)
Utena: (He's kinda mysterious. I'd like to get to know him.)

Utena: Wow...
Akio: Nice view, isn't it? Just a thirty-minute drive from school, and it's another world.

Akio: Ohtori Academy is a world shrouded from good feelings and bound by small rules.
Akio: It's beautiful in it's own right, but too sequestered, after all.
Utena: It must be really tough to be Dean.
Akio: I'd say the same for you...
Akio: Utena-sama, who eludes the school regulations in her schoolboy's uniform. We're two of a kind.
Akio: Am I wrong?

Akio: I want to spread my wings and fly.
Utena: I remember Kiryuu Touga said something like that.
Akio: Student Council President Kiryuu, eh?
Akio: I hear he's living in the kitchen of the East Dorm. He seems quite fond of you.

Akio: On your behalf, someone put forth a great deal of effort to overlook the Student Council rules. Someone had their eye on you.
Utena: Akio-san.
Akio: You'll slip.
Akio: Here, take my hand.
Utena: Er...I'll be fine, thanks.
Utena: (Why the hell am I blushing?)
Utena: Ah!

Akio: Watch it!
Akio: Are you okay?
Utena: I'm fine!

Akio: But you're soaked! You'd better take off those wet shoes.
Utena: It's nothing! I...

Utena: (What am I doing in a place like this?)

Akio: Shall we return now?
*zzzz zzzz*
Utena: Your brother....
Utena: He sure is a great guy, isn't he, Anthy?

Utena: But even so, he's an ADULT.
Utena: And I'm still such a child. I can't bear to think that Akio-san would see me that way.
Anthy: Utena-sama, do you love my brother?
Utena: Wha...wha...
Utena: I'm only human! It's just a crush, a fantasy!
Utena: For starters, he already has a fiancee --

Anthy: Yes, but now, while she's under treatment at the Academy...
Chu-Chu: Chu?
Utena: It's not like that! What I was trying to say is--
Anthy: Yes?
Utena: The one I love is my Prince.
Utena: Dios...
Chu-Chu: Chu?

Akio: Anthy...

Akio: Don't look so troubled.
Akio: You know the most precious one in my thoughts
Akio: is you, Anthy.
Anthy: Oniisama!
Anthy: Without you, I am nothing.
Anthy: Whatever Oniisama tells me, I will do.
Akio: Let it be so. Before long, your body must be put to use for me, so that I may possess the Power of Dios.

Akio: Tenjou Utena will do the same.
Akio: The Final Victor and the Bride of the Rose will end their engagement and advance to the next ceremony.
Anthy: Do you hate Tenjou-san?
Akio: Don't worry.
Akio: With one more push, Tenjou Utena will fall.
Akio: Think no more of it.
Akio: She will heed every word I say.

Akio: THIS time. I will truly be able to possess Dios' power.
Utena: (Anthy's not back yet.)
Utena: Chu-Chu! Do you know where Anthy goes?
Utena: It'll be time for dinner soon.

Utena: Still...
Utena: The place where Anthy goes...could it be...
Utena: Akio-san's place?
Touga: Where are you going?
Utena: Out.
Touga: Where to?
Utena: You better not follow me.
Touga: I am your servant, Tenjou.
Utena: Oh, shut up.

Touga: I am guarding you.
Touga: Don't forget that you have an important position.
Utena: Let me go.
Utena: I hate to be coerced by force!
Utena: Don't worry about it! I'll be right back!

Utena: As a gentleman, you should be happy for me...
Utena: ...Mr. President.
Touga: Actually, I'm not happy in the slightest.
Utena: It's Tenjou! Is Himemiya here?

Utena: (What's this? He looks so lonely.)

Akio: Just now...
Akio: I was thinking about you.
Utena: About me?
Utena: Why...?
Akio: Come here.
Akio: Over there, you can see Venus. Beautiful, isn't it.
Utena: Yeah.

Akio: It's the star that shines brightest in the night sky. In the evening hour, when it is first to appear, they call it the "Evening Star." At dawn, when it continues to shine to the very last, it is called the "Morning Star."
Utena: Hmmm.
Akio: My name, Akio, is taken from that star, because I was born at dawn.
Utena: Really? How romantic!
Akio: The "Morning Star" is called by another name...Lucifer.
Utena: Lucifer?
Akio: One who was once an angel, but chose the Devil's path.

Utena: (Akio-san...?)
Utena: (The Devil...?)
Utena: (Lucifer...?)

Utena: Akio-san, you hate your name?
Akio: ...No?
Utena: Then, why are you saying such sad things? I think it's a really great name!
Utena: I really do! I like it!
Akio: And that's why I like you too.
Utena: (Wha...)
Akio: That shiniest, most beautiful star is not only called "Lucifer." It is also known as "Venus," the goddess of love and beauty.

Akio: The "Evening Star" that appears foremost among the other stars in the night sky...that is how you are set in my thoughts.
Akio: You are always the strongest and brightest.
Utena: A goddess? M-me?
Akio: That is why I want you.
Akio: You will be my...
Utena: Wait...I'm gonna fall! Akio-sa...AAAH!

Akio: Struggling just gets you into trouble.
Utena: Well, you sure seem amused!

Akio: Be still. Just like that...
Akio: Just like that...


Akio: My Venus...



Utena: (We...kissed.)

Utena: Nnnh...
Utena: (Am I dreaming?)
Utena: ( she?)

Utena: (She's a doll...)
Utena: (She looks a little like Anthy.)
Utena: ( this?)
Utena: (It feels wet.)
Utena: ('re crying?)
Utena: (You poor thing.)

Utena: (I'll save you.)
Utena: (...Eh?)
Utena: (What a weird dream.)
Utena: Uhhn.

Anthy: Good Morning, Utena-sama!
Chu-Chu: Chu.
Utena: ...morn'n.
Chu-Chu: Chuu! <3
Utena: (Why am I blushing?)
*splish splish*
*kachink kachink*

Utena: (THAT wasn't a dream.)
Utena: (With Akio-san...)
Utena: (Like this...)
Chu-Chu: Chu?
Utena: ("Chuu...")
[In Japanese, "chu" is a sound that a small animal might make. It is also the sound of a kiss.]
Anthy: ...Utena-sama? You take six sugars in your tea?
Chu-Chu: Chuu chuu chuu...
*crunch crunch*
Utena: I...I have a real sweet tooth.

Anthy: Do you?
Touga: ?
Chu-Chu: CHU! CHU! CHU!
Akio: "my...Venus"
Utena: (Ever since then, I've been in such a daze.)
Miki: Good morning, Utena-san!
Utena: (There must be something wrong with me.)

Utena: (Would I act like this if I had been kissed by Touga? Or Miki-kun?)
Miki: Utena-san?
Miki: What's with her? Her head's in the clouds.
Miki: But it's cute.
Touga: She's been acting strange lately.
Jury: That being said, it seems as though Tenjou Utena skipped school and went for a drive with Dean Ohtori.
Touga: What?
Jury: Just a rumor.

Touga: (A drive with Ohtori Akio?)

GirlA: Sooo...of those four boys, tell me which one I should choose.
GirlB: Narrowing the field, eh?
GirlC: In my opinion, guys our age are hopeless. They're such jerks. Younger guys are better.
GirlD: Like Miki-kun?
Wakaba: As for me, I'd like someone about three years older, a sportsman, kinda buff, a little bit handsome....
Utena: Someone older would be nice...
Utena: An adult...
Utena: ...that's what I'd like.
Wakaba: U-utena?

GirlB: Oh NOOOOOO, Utena-sama! Don't say such girly things!
Girls: EEEEEE! <3
Wakaba: What's the matter, Utena? Are you feeling ill?
Girls: NOOOOO! <3
Utena: I'm FINE.
Utena: (I know these feelings don't suit me...)
Utena: (but it's too late)
Utena: (to stop them now....)
Utena: Akio-san's car!!

Utena: He came to school today!
Touga: The Dean's in a meeting. Even if you went, you couldn't see him.
Utena: (Touga?)
Utena: What's that supposed to...
Utena: Touga?

Utena: The Student Council Chamber...
Utena: What gives? We're just suddenly here?
Touga: Tenjou.
Touga: What did Dean Ohtori make you do?
Utena: What...?

Utena: That...
Utena: Does NOT concern you, Touga.
Touga: Open your eyes, Tenjou.

Utena: Let go! This isn't like you!
Touga: It's okay to not be like myself.
Utena: What?
Touga: Now, I've accepted that you hate me--

Utena: Touga!!

Utena: What the hell is this about, Kiryuu Touga?
Utena: Even though you said you'd always protect me...
Touga: That's just want I'm doing now.
Touga: I want to protect you from "The End of the World" -- from Ohtori Akio. My feelings about this are stronger than any other man's.
Utena: What...?

Touga: That man...
Touga: Ohtori Akio is "The End of the World."
Utena: (Akio-san is "The End of the World"?)
Utena: (Everything that's happened up until now, the Duel Game and the letters...everyone...everyone...he...?)
Utena: It's a lie.
Utena: It's gotta be a lie, right, Touga?

Touga: It's the truth.
Touga: In the beginning, I too thought he was a great man, obeyed him...
Touga: But he just thinks of everyone as tools -- everyone, save himself.
Akio: "My Venus..."
Touga: He treats everyone like that.
Utena: (Then...that was just...)
Utena: (He doesn't love me at all!)

Touga: Himemiya Anthy too.
Touga: Even his adoring little sister is his tool.
Utena: (Anthy...)
Touga: Himemiya is Ohtori Akio's woman. She hears only his words.
Touga: Inside, she's as empty as a marionette.
Utena: (That dream last night...)
Utena: (It was really Anthy?)
Utena: (And not a dream?)

Utena: Himemiya! She was crying!
Utena: She's no doll! She was asking for my help!
Touga: I leave it to your judgment.

Touga: "Whether what I say is false or true... Whether I obey 'The End of the World' or not..."
Touga: "In the end, it all depends on you, Tenjou Utena."


Akio: Utena-san.
Akio: There are perhaps some things you would like to ask me?
Akio: Ride with me. Everything will be answered.
Utena: (I...)
Utena: (I'm...)
Akio: Anthy.

Akio: Trade places with Utena-san.
Anthy: ....
Anthy: All right.
Utena: (Anthy...)
Utena: Anthy, ride with me. I command it!
Anthy: Utena-sama...
Utena: It'll be okay! I'll protect you from him!
Akio: Anthy...!

Utena: ANTHY!
Utena: Where are we going?
Akio: Is THAT your question?
Utena: Is it true...
Utena: ...that you're "The End of the World"?
Akio: It's true. Any other questions?

Utena: Is Anthy really your little sister?
Akio: Yes.
Utena: Then, why is she forced to be the Rose Bride? It's cruel! Did you put her up to it?
Akio: Cruel?
Akio: She can do nothing but what she has chosen to do.
Akio: For my sake, Anthy gladly became the Rose Bride.
Utena: That's a lie!
Utena: Everything about you is a lie! Even the things you said to me...

Utena: Whispering sweet words to me, making me feel was all a joke to you!!
Utena: bastard!
Akio: Likewise, I can be nothing but a bastard.
Utena: What?
Akio: You're everything I need, Tenjou Utena.
Utena: I won't become your tool! Ever!
Akio: I love you.

Akio: Everything...
Akio: I will make everything mine.
Utena: Aaah!

Utena: (We'll crash right into the door of the Dueling Arena...)

Akio: It's all right, Utena-san.
Akio: Beyond the door lies a different world.

Utena: I thought we were dead.
Akio: Is that so?
Utena: I really did!

Akio: The castle in the sky...isn't it beautiful?
Utena: Yes...
Akio: You'd like to go there, wouldn't you?
Utena: Yes...
Utena: (Dios is waiting for me!)
Akio: I'll show you how to get there.

Akio: But first, you and Anthy will have to perform a certain ceremony for me...
Utena: I'll do it.
Akio: Good girl.



Akio: "In order to go to the castle in the sky,
Akio: you and Anthy will have to perform a certain ceremony for me."
Utena: "What is it?"
Akio: "The nuptials."
Utena: "Nup-shoo-als?"
Akio: "The next step after engagement is marriage.
Akio: It's only natural, right?"

Akio: "Don't worry.
Akio: Everything will be all right, Utena-san."
Utena: Touga...

Touga: I could see you from the window, so I came down. Hurry and come inside.
Utena: (I can't look him in the face.)
Touga: Tenjou?
Utena: I'm sorry. I...couldn't keep my promise.
Utena: I'm sorry.

Touga: Tenjou, what are you saying?
Utena: I STILL love Akio-san!
Touga: Tenjou!? But he's--
Utena: I know! He's "The End of the World"! He's a terrible person! I KNOW! You can strike me,
Utena: But...
Utena: Nothing you do will change my mind.

Utena: I'm such a fool.
Utena: Your umbrella...
Touga: Leave it.

Touga: I am no longer your humble servant.
Touga: Forgive me, but I won't stand by anyone who is in Ohtori's service.

*squee squee squee*
<-- Utena's hair
Anthy: ...Utena-sama.
Anthy: Touga-sempai is gathering his things and moving out, so...
Utena: I'm so embarrassed.
Utena: Because I was so taken with Akio, and now I'm at his beck and call, Touga...
Anthy: Because you're just a girl, right?

Anthy: Utena-sama, you're cute. And your feelings are only natural.
Anthy: Surely you'd be happier without your princely aspirations.
Utena: Anthy, do you...know what we're gonna do in this "Marriage Ceremony"?
Anthy: When my brother tells me something, I do only as he advises.
Anthy: If I was told to lay down my life for him, then I would die.
Utena: Why?
Utena: Don't you have any free will?

Anthy: My brother has done that much for me. And for a long time, our spirits have been distant to an extent.
Anthy: You don't know. And it's better that you don't know.
Anthy: Ignorance is bliss, and that is my will.
Utena: (....Anthy?)

Anthy: Utena-sama!
Anthy: Are you scared? About the "Marriage Ceremony," I mean.
Utena: ....yeah.

Utena: When one thing comes to an end, something else awakens. Will I really be able to go to that castle? Will I be able to meet Dios -- my Prince?
Utena: Until now, it was just like a fairy tale, but now it's all coming true.
Utena: It's just like a dream...but I'm scared.

Utena: (Touga.)
Akio: Well, get in.
Akio: Both of you.

Akio: Utena-san.
Utena: ACK!
Touga: !
Akio: You should enjoy yourself as well,
Akio: President Kiryuu.
Utena: Touga! Don't worry!
Utena: I'm sure that I....
Utena: ....
Touga: Tenjou...?

Utena: (I'm sure that I....will go see the castle in the sky, as the Final Victor.)
Anthy: Rose of the noble castle...

Anthy: Power of Dios that sleeps within me...
Utena: the "Marriage Ceremony"?
Akio: You're doing just fine. Continue, Anthy, Utena-san.
Anthy: Heed your master and come forth!

Utena: Grant me the power...
Utena: to revolutionize the world!
Anthy: Utena-sama.

Utena: Anthy?
Akio: The "Marriage Ceremony"...
Anthy: Yes.
Utena: (Has the "Marriage Ceremony" begun so suddenly?)
Utena: (What's going to happen?)
Utena: Anthy.

Anthy: Utena-sama, let our hearts combine.
Anthy: "Rose of the noble castle..."
Utena: ("Rose of the noble castle...")
Anthy: The Sword of Dios...
Anthy: The Rose Bride who becomes your Sheath...
Anthy: For you...
Utena: ("For you...?")

Utena: Anthy?
Utena: Why are you...crying?

Utena: (Anthy...?)
Utena: (Why...)
Utena: (Why am I losing...strength?)
Utena: (I can't even hands up.)
Utena: (My senses are...)
Utena: ....nngh.

Anthy: The engagement is finished.
Anthy: The "Marriage Ceremony."

Akio: ....Ah.
Akio: Good, good.

Touga: "I love Akio-san," you said?
Touga: I say, how foolish you've become. Your companion is "The End of the World."
Touga: It couldn't be. Did "The End of the World" tell you the way of the "Marriage Ceremony"?
Touga: If you did that...
Touga: You'd never recover!!

Anthy: There is a small rose inside of me
Anthy: For you....
Anthy: A rose that flew from the End of the World
Anthy: To you....
Utena: (Ah, the scent of roses....)
Utena: (I can hear Anthy's voice in the distance.)
Utena: (What is this? This....)
Utena: (It's hot....)
Utena: (It hurts....)
Utena: (I feel like I'm being stabbed....)

Utena: (What one awakening now?)
Utena: (AAAH!)

Saionji: ....what the?
Jury: The sky above the Forest of Duels....

Miki: This is odd.
Touga: Tenjou....


Akio: ....-san.
Akio: Are you able to awaken?
Utena: (My body
Utena: Akio-san....
Akio: The delay of the "Wedding Ceremony" is over.
Utena: (Huh?)
Utena: (Ah....)
Utena: How....
Utena: That clothing....

Akio: Please do take notice of your own appearance as well.

Utena: (When did I....)
Utena: This is....
Utena: Anthy's Rose Bride dress, isn't it? How am I....
Touga: Tenjou! That appearance...

Akio: Tenjou Utena has become MY Rose Bride.
Touga: Wasn't she the Final Victor? She could wield the Sword of Dios--
Akio: Gentlemen of the Student Council: from the beginning, the one who could truthfully wield the Sword of Dios -- and therefore, the Power of Dios -- was ME alone.
Akio: So it was decided from the beginning that the Final Victor was to become my Rose Bride.
Utena: Ah....

Utena: What....
Utena: (My hurts....)
Utena: ...are you doing?
Akio: The way I tell you...recite it in your heart...
Akio: "Power of Dios that sleeps within me."
Utena: (.... "Power of Dios...")
Akio: "Heed your master and come forth!"
Utena: ("Come forth...!")
Akio: Grant me the power to revolutionize the world!

Touga: Ah....

Akio: From henceforth, I will ascend to the castle.
Akio: There, I will hold the Power of Dios in my hands at last!
Utena: Me....a Rose Bride....!?

Utena: I...can't move my body.
Utena: What the hell is happening?

[no dialogue]

Saionji: The castle's begun to revolve....!?
Touga: TENJOU....?
Akio: Gentlemen of the Student Council.
Akio: You are an impediment.

Saionji: Shit....
Jury: It's something like a barrier.
Miki: Ah!
Miki: My Rose Signet Ring is gone! I was wearing it just a while ago.
Jury: Mine too!
Saionji: Same here!
Touga: !
Akio: In order to find Tenjou Utena, these rings came to you. You were the bait, so to speak. Therefore, I am taking them back.

Akio: Ohtori Academy, the Duels, the Rose Bride...everything was a tool to locate Tenjou Utena. Because...
Akio: She alone was directly presented with a ring from Dios.
Akio: The rest of you are different.
Akio: But this girl...
Akio: She is the true chosen one. The beautiful, miraculous star.

[To be continued.]

"Shoujo Kakumei Utena" is Be-PaPas / Saitou Chiho / Shogakukan / Shokaku Iinkai / TV Tokyo.