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the translations

ost 6 : the advent of nirvanic beauty - androgynous me [kica-461]
03 - wheel dance - revolution
20 - girls' season
27 - thank you for your love
28 - truth
29 - zeit und zeit (the move flash prelude)

ost 7 : rose egg revival record sophia - revive, medieval times! - utinam reviviscat medium aevum! [kica-467]
02 - astragalus earthly backgammon
03 - historical watchtower [desert of letters]
04 - the solitary existance of the petite universe: a history
05 - cradled in the grave of the world - in the hands of the world
07 - the oceanic moon dies in indigo
08 - absolute delusion [das erotica]
12 - we who have cast ourselves aside become fallen angels

ost 8 : adolescence rush [kica-471]
07 - at times, love

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kashira, kashira?
09 sep 2002 - the translations of "wheel dance - revolution" and "truth" have been removed from this site.
firstly, they were among the first lyrics translations that i attempted. as an inexperienced translator, i fear that i may have been too strongly influenced by the translations of others.
secondly, mine were poor translations by comparison.
thirdly, you can find excellent translations to both these songs on other sites, and the aim of this site was to provide utena fans with original content.
fourthly, the translations were actually removed several weeks ago, and seeing as there have been no complaints, it is clear that no one really misses them.
24 may 2002 - time for the yearly update! i had no idea that i had neglected this site for so long. i changed the email address on this page and on all the individual text files (-_-;) so everything is current. click here to contact me.
22 may 2001 - tonight, i noticed that the version of donna donna on ost 2 differs slightly from the version on ost 5. now we can enjoy both.
05 may 2001 - you may remember this song from the earliest adolescence mokushiroku trailer. ever wonder which songs had been sampled for this track? wonder no more.
19 apr 2001 - the oceanic moon dies in indigo is one of the most haunting songs i have had the pleasure to translate.
13 mar 2001 - renamed track 12 from ost 7 and made minor alterations to the lyrics.
04 mar 2001 - shadow of deepest azure and dawn scat have been updated. uploaded new file: message from kanna, translated from ost 5 liner notes.
23 feb 2001 - accidentally deleted entire site. fun!

The postmodern masterpiece known as Shoujo Kakumei Utena is 1997 Be-PaPas. SAITO CHIHO/SHOGAKUKAN. SHOKAKU. TV-TOKYO and 1999-2000 Shojo Kakumei UTENA Seisaku Iinkai. However, the English translations are my original work, Verthandi, and I would appreciate some advance notice if you want to take them or repost them in a public forum. Okay, so I probably wouldn't be able to sue you over them, but I'm really good at flaming.